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At Tile & Stone Warehouse we specialise in Travertine and Marble pavers & tiles.  All our Travertine & marble products come direct from Turkey . These products are perfect for your pool coping & surrounding area as well as in doors. 


Travertine is a hard wearing and versatile stone that has fast become the number one choice for pool coping and surrounds.

Travertine is a natural stone that is formed in hot springs. The main difference with Travertine is that the stone has holes, which is caused by hot water percolating through the stone. 

Travertine is ideal for use around the pool and patios areas because they will stay cool on your feet and are freeze-thaw compatible. Travertine also has a non-slip surface finish as travertine has  a high co-efficient of friction. This means that Travertine paver will provide a safe walking and play surface area for the whole family. Travertine can also withstand weathering and erosion without deteriorating. 

We import several colours of Travertine - Classic (Ivory), Elite Silver, Silver, Oyster, Picasso and Sunset. Our options include Pavers, French Pattern and Tiles, both internal and external applications. 

Our Travertine range comes in 3 grades - commercial, standard and premium - allowing us to cater for all budgets. To view our stock, visit the showroom and speak to our friendly staff.


Our Marble range extends to 15mm and 30mm options in honed and polished and we offer amazing prices on first quality products. Visit in store today to see the full range available.

Our range includes:

  • 30mm Tumbled Pavers & Pool Coping

  • 12mm Tumbled Tiles

  • 12mm Honed & Filled Tiles

  • 15mm Honed & Polished marble 

  • 30mm Tumbled Marble Pavers 

  • Stackstone & Wall Cladding

  • French Pattern 30mm Tumbled Pavers

  • French Pattern 12mm Tumbled Tiles

  • Mosaic in marble & Travertine Sheets


Delivery of natural stone can be costly! It is heavy and the volume is often overlooked. That's why we operate our own delivery service! We can deliver your stone, whether it be 1 pallet or a fully dedicated truck at sensational prices. We'll take it straight to your job site and liaise with you during the entire process. Our team are friendly and professional and are always happy to assist.​


The main types of damage that sealers can help limit are:

  • Surface staining (especially from normal household contaminants)

  • Salt damage (by reducing the amount of waterborne salt intrusion)

  • Below surface chemical damage

  • Mineral damage during installation (applicable to six-sided sealers)

  • Frost damage (by reduction of water penetration)

  • Mould and Mildew damage

The only sealer we recommend & sell is Aqua Mix.


Aqua Mix® Sealers & Cleaners have been voted #1 Preferred Brand by contractors 7 years in a row. Aqua Mix® products for any type of stone, tile, grout and masonry are preferred by professionals and homeowners for their easy-to-use formulas and high-quality results. www.aquamix.com.au

Skimmer Lids:

A beautiful way to finish off your pool is with a matching skimmer lid which we supply for each type of travertine in store. 

The skimmer lid offers a flush finished, paving matched surface with minimal clearances so the lid virtually disappears. This ensures that the skimmer lid doesn’t detract from the pool’s good looks. The skimmer box lid is comprised of a stainless steel tray that has a matched pool paving stone infill. The tray supports the stone and protects it from chipping and cracking. Unlike the old style custom pool skimmer cover solutions you will no longer have to worry whether your stone pool tile is still available if it breaks, cracks or chips because the stainless steel tray of the skimmer lid protects the stone infill it also comes with a stainless steel key. 

All skimmer lids are conform to the Australian Standard AS 1926.3-2010 Swimming pool safety – Water recirculation systems. This Standard sets out requirements for skimmer boxes and other permanent water outlets in swimming pools and spas. 

ALL IMAGES BELOW ARE OUR ACTUAL PRODUCTS. Thank you to our wonderful clients for sharing.

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